Bonz – Harrington Raceway and Casino – Harrington, DE

7 06 2010

I had dinner at Bonz (Bones) in Harrington the other night.  Pretentious spelling aside, the restaurant is actually very nice.  Bonz is a traditional steakhouse in the casino in Harrington.  It’s literally 10 feet from the casino floor, but is well sheltered from the loud noises, bright lights, and social security recipients wasting my tax dollars.  The dining room is very nice, with plenty of seating (we had no problem getting a table for 5 on a Saturday night).  The seating is comfortable and the staff are very friendly and seem to know the menu well.  My friend Russ split a 22 oz. bone-in cowboy steak with his girlfriend while I opted for the 12 oz. NY strip with a gorgonzola cream sauce and mashed potatoes.  The other couple we were with stuck with salads and each had an appetizer, the roasted asparagus and the scallops.  Everyone else really enjoyed their food, and I can say that while a 12 oz. NY strip is a bit on the small side, it was seasoned and grilled perfectly and the gorgonzola cream lent the great smoky flavor that only a bleu cheese can give a steak, and at $27 is actually a fairly good value for the quality of the meat.  And to be fair, there was a 16 oz. strip on the menu that I didn’t notice before, even though it’s right above the NY strip.  I also had a glass of Highnote Malbec, as Malbec is quickly becoming a favorite varietal of mine, and it was very good.  It was a generous pour and paired well with the steak.

I didn’t see any mention of dry aging on the menu, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the steaks at Bonz are aged.  They were very tender and almost had the “melt in your mouth” quality of a good dry aged steak.

Final Verdict – You won’t find a better restaurant in Harrington.  To be fair, the only others are Hardees and McDonald’s so that’s not saying much, but I will call Bonz one of the best steakhouses in southern Delaware.  If you’re looking for a great meal and a chance to win the cost back afterward, Bonz is the place to go.

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