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I got a very cool email today from Ujjwal Dey, the editor of Freedom Fiction.com, a site that publishes works of fiction from many different authors. Today, Kirkland’s Pond Bridge, a story from Rural Legends has been featured on the Freedom Fiction website! Go check it out at the link below!

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Rural Legends on Amazon


Paperback Now Available!


I have a big announcement to make. Today, I am announcing my candidacy…nope, no, just kidding!

The good news is that Rural Legends, my book of folklore-inspired horror stories, is now available in paperback! For those of you without an Amazon Kindle, you can read my book too! It’s only $5.99 with free shipping for Prime users.

Plus, for those of you with a Kindle who have yet to read the book, more good news! Rural Legends is now included in the Kindle Unlimited program, which means Kindle users can read the book FOR FREE, and I still get paid for every page you read. It’s a win-win, really. No excuses, friends!

Yes, you can now read the book that one reviewer on Amazon called “…his first book,” and “…the greatest thing I have ever read,” and described me as “…a sadistic drug dealer.” Seriously, it’s a good review, you should read that too.

Okay, enough horn tooting, here are the links!

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition





I did a thing!


Today, I’m pleased to announce something I’ve been working on for a while now, my first book!

Just in time for Halloween, I’m releasing a small collection of short horror stories called Rural Legends, Vol. 1. This book was inspired by some of the local folklore I grew up with in rural Delaware. The book contains 4 short stories and is now available for Amazon Kindle devices for only $2.99! If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for your PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device free from Amazon.

Just a warning, this book is not for kids! It contains violence, gore, and some mild sexual situations. Please do not complain to me about these things, you have been fairly warned.

Click on the link below to be redirected to Amazon to purchase Rural Legends, Vol. 1! Thank you in advance!

Rural Legends, Vol. 1 on Amazon